Hello, there!

My name is Leyton Jay

I'm a UX Designer

Summary of me

I am a UX Designer, a graduate in Computer Science, a sci-fi geek, gin enthusiast and stand up comedy fan. I want to design products that make people happy and I'd like to feel part of a team. I live in Crawley with my partner, Danielle, who keeps me well fed and grounded in reality.

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Over the last few years I've forged my own User Experience Design Process based on the UK Design Council 'Double Diamond'.

5 years
UX Designer
8 years
Web Developer
28 years
36 years


Here's some the best projects I've worked on in the last few years...

True-To-Life Flight Process

Research & Ideation

Risk Assessment For Drone Operations

Research & Ideation

Managing Expectations In New Markets

Iterative Design & Testing

Shopping Portal Onboarding

Experiment Design for Partner Platform

Black Friday Campaign 2017

Designed & Tested In A Day

Inhouse iPad App For Resort Conceirges

Helping to deliver great customer experiences

Latest Blog

This is still a bit sparse, but expect more soon...

Contact Me

I live in Crawley, not far from Gatwick and the Manor Royal Business District. You've probably seen me dashing between coffee shops.

  • Phone:07747793616
  • Email: leytonjay@googlemail.com